Classic Places to Visit in Myrtle Beach

Morgantown, WV, to Charlotte, NC, to Greenville, SC, to Charleston, SC, to Myrtle Beach, to Columbia, then Greenville, then Columbia again, and then Florida. Hmmm, maybe I should join Uber…

After saying goodbye to Charleston, I drove to Myrtle Beach to help my sister endure family vacation. We visited the labyrinth that is The Gay Dolphin gift shop; a myrtle beach tradition. The store has been there since 1946!!! I just love it.

The store is actually 5 stories… I think… But this tower climbs even higher. They used to let people walk all the way to the top for $1, but they don’t allow it anymore for safety reasons.

My sister and I putting on our best fish faces.
Many expensive items have been on sale at the store for 30 years or more… Or at least that’s what my dad says.
Don’t feel bad Mr. Yeti, we got lost too.
The arcade next door had sooo many vintage games.. Better play them now, before they’re all sold for thousands of $$$$!


Another traditional Myrtle Beach landmark we visited was The Sea Captain’s House. The restaurant is actually a 1930s cottage that overlooks the ocean. The home has an interesting history, and the foods pretty great too. My mom went to it as a kid, so it’s pretty special.

I used to think this plant was the beautiful nasturtium, but it’s actually dollar weed (Hydrocotyle umbellata)… It grows in sandy areas, and has rhizomes and tubers, making it hard to control. It is edible like nasturtium, but it doesn’t have the pretty flowers.
Tropaeolum majus, aka nasturtium
Plumbago auriculata and Pentas lanceolata ( to the left) are both commonly used in the southeast.


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