Disney Traditions Orientation

During the Traditions meeting we learned some history of the company and Walt Disney’s vision for great guest interaction. Safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency are the four keys to the success of the Disney company. The Disney employee look is kept simple, and they have strict rules about hair color, tatoos, facial hair, etc. I fully understand this as a business policy, but in some cases it can be a little harsh for a company that supports diversity and creativity. Many businesses like and agree with Disney’s genius business policies, and adopt them as their own.

The “first floor” of Magic Kingdom is actually underground, and Cinderella’s Castle was built over it on the second floor. During Traditions we walked through the first floor, met the Mayor of Mainstreet, and looked for examples of the 4 keys.The five senses are very important to creating a good show. For example, when you walk down Mainstreet you may hear car noises. The candy stores will spoil your nose with delicious smells, intentionally pumped out to lure you inside. I was surprised to find out that every morning all the grounds are power washed and squeegeed. The pin trading tradition of the Disney parks is also a cool way guests can interact with the cast members.


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