The Downs?… of Being a Disney Professional Intern

The only thing my suite-mates and I weren’t happy with is Vista Way apartments.We were actually supposed to live at Falcon Square, but we were put in a more expensive apartment in Vista. They were going to charge us more than we were originally told, but one of our interns complained and got it fixed.

As hort interns, we worked reeeeeeally early compared to the other tenants in the apartment complex (about 3:00 – 4:30 am). Our second week, the next door neighbors were being really loud for 40 minutes at 2:00 AM. Finally, I went to politely ask if they “could maybe talk somewhere else,” which led to them knocking at our door and stomping up the stairs for 2 weeks afterwards. Thus, I started wearing ear plugs while I slept, which completely fixed the problem.

My suite-mates had it even worse though. They called security multiple times on some loud guys across from them. These guys eventually realized that security can’t really do anything to them for being loud. They started purposefully trying to keep my suite-mates awake all night, making rooster crows and what not. After being up the whole night, one of the girls went to go talk to them before work at 3 AM. Keep in mind that she’s a very petite girl, going to confront 4 big, loud, drunk guys. They were rude and thoroughly insulted her. Being delirious from lack of sleep, she felt threatened by the 4 guys cussing her out and she threw her coffee at them…

Later she found out the guys had reported her. She went to a meeting to try to explain what happened to a Disney representative. They had no record of how many times security was called on the guys. When my suite-mate told the woman what the guys said to insult her, she was told she was “getting too emotional,” and that security could be called on her.

Even though she was already fired, she had one more meeting after that. Both suite-mates and myself dressed nicely for the meeting. I had a whole speech about how she was one of my best friends in Florida and a hard worker (definitely worth more to the company than four drunken rude guys). However, they wouldn’t let us in the building with her. The meeting was just to tell her that she was fired again, and she needed to move out by the next day. It was pretty sad :(.

The guys over at the other apartment were never moved, and continued being loud after she left. I don’t actually know how my suite-mate endured it. I remember Vista Way administration saying that they can’t fire anyone for “being noisy”.

If you’re ever living at Vista, or any of the Disney apartments, be aware that security doesn’t keep records of unruly tenants. As soon as a problem arises with other tenants, call security and talk to the apartment’s administration office. Hopefully they’ll find a solution for you. After all, employees pay more than half their salary just to live there!! How are employees supposed to have a good quality of life, if they aren’t treated fairly.

If you’ve tried everything with administration, and they still don’t fix the problem, I advise you to call the police. They are disturbing the peace and possibly creating a hostile work environment. Make sure they are aware of the problem, and that you may call the police, or you could get fired…

inside out
Oh the emotions of being a Disney intern!

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