My Portfolio

I didn’t go to school for art, but I’ve always loved it.

These are a few samples of work I’ve done.

Poinsettia poster-page-0

Chalk Pastel
Charcoal and pastel
Charcoal and pastel
Chalk pastel
Oil pastel and acrylic paint
hybrid drawing 2.0
Oil pastel, watercolor, Ink, Photograph, Paper structure, drafted blueprints
Pencil and chalk pastel
native amer
squirrel 5

snow whites apple3

Notecard sculpture
Water color.
My first water color.


There are many more where these came from. I will be updating.

The very first informative/ instructional horticulture video I made… The video quality is embarrassing, but the information and concept is good.

Next time you buy one of these fruits, instead of throwing away the crown you could use it to grow your very own plant!

The crown will ROT if planted directly in the soil, which could kill the entire plant! In this method, the extra tissue is removed before rooting. If done correctly, there should be no rot.
As an added bonus, this method allows you to see the roots as they grow.

This is the orientation video I produced for the Disney Professional Horticulture Internship Program.

….I would love to make more videos, but I currently don’t have a great space to do it.

Ad for WVU Airsoft Club.

If you enjoyed, please let me know. I would love to hear from you!

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