The Illusive Skull: The Best Halloween Store in WV! Support Local Businesses!

(Disclaimer: This post is not related to horticulture what so ever. Sorry.)

Hey, it’s Caroline. I love small businesses, and The Illusive Skull is definitely one of my favorites! They have a great since of humor. Their sculptures are so detailed and creative! Visiting the store has become a Halloween tradition, for five years now.

There are two stores located in Morgantown or Fairmont, WV. It’s definitely worth the visit, fun every time! (And don’t be afraid of masked people jump-scaring you. I’ve never had that happen to me while I was visiting.)

The headless horseman, riding on his zombie horse of course. The horse actually stands up on its back legs, when activated… We talked to the owner of the store once, years ago. He built the sculpture and took it to a convention for a competition.
Father and daughter enjoying the freak show!! I think this one is so adorable!
The entrance to the “Freak Show” walk through!
I don’t want to ruin the inside of the walk through, so I’ll just share one picture.
We almost missed seeing this beauty because of the glare in the front window… They certainly are creative! hah
There was a Spirit of Halloween store next door that had these… Someone seriously needs to learn about exoskeletons.
Gasp! What a gross and terrifying costume! (This such a great movie, can’t wait until it’s out on dvd.)
Am I the only one that finds this terribly funny? …Probably.

This pig looks much too happy to be hanging on the wall, and I love it.

Do you like dark humor? Let me know what you do for Halloween!

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