Stonecrop Gardens. Cold Springs, NY

I recently had a working interview with Stonecrop Gardens. It’s a beautiful public garden in Coldsprings, NY, 60 miles from New York City. The garden features raised alpine stone beds, a cliff rock garden, woodland and water gardens, an enclosed English-style flower garden, a systematic order beds representing over 50 plant families, and much more. It’s development was directed by English horticulturist, Caroline Burgess. She continues to direct Stonecrop Gardens today.

The Hudson highland views, French country architecture, and winter landscapes are breath-taking. I can imagine it draws crowds of city dwellers in the spring! While I was visiting I noticed some vintage style mechanisms in the greenhouses, and some newer ones. Just last year they built a new T-range greenhouse, with four different climate controlled sections. I loved the blend of the classic with the innovative.


The Stonecrop Conservatory was actually built on the pond, as a creative idea of the architect. It’s location also protects it from the strong highland winds. The potting shed/head house is located to it’s left.





Cold Frame!
Little Daphne odora  bushes filled the cold frame with their sweet smell.
Galanthus spp.
New T-range greenhouse, and compost bins.
After each season, the beds in the English style flower garden are dug a foot deep, filled with compost, and back filled. The fenced in area traps the cold air in the winter and the warm air in the summer. In the spring, summer, and fall, the garden houses a rainbow of flower beds and vegetable plots.
Some of Stonecrop’s alpine collection is planted in small raised stone beds. Branches from last years Christmas trees are being used to insulate the beds.
A view of the Hudson Valley from the horse field.

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