Last Week in Charleston, SC…

Alex and I visited his family in Charleston, SC last week.

Some great specimens of Callistemon viminalis and Sabal palmetto; except for that little sabal on the left. It could just be necrosis from transplant shock. I’m going to research how to check if it’s still living and common causes of palm transplant death.
Loropetalum chinense, or Chinese fringe flower, was everywhere in Charleston! It grows to a max of 6’x6′ shrub, but it’s can be pruned as a tree or bush. I last saw these in Disney’s landscape.



Alex, his dad, and I worked on making this frame planter. I’ll keep you updated on how waterproofing and growing in goes!
Magnolia Plantation’s beautiful collection of Camellia japonica and Rhododendron hybrids (Azaleas) are blooming right now! Wisteria sinensis, Galphimia glauca, and Magnolia x ‘Ann’ are blooming now as well.

I’ll be sharing more about Charleston and other exciting projects and things soon!

See ya then.




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